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Englische Steuerbehörde auf Google Apps

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HM Revenues and Customs (HMRC) has become the first major government department to dump Microsoft in favour of Google.

The Register reported that 70,000 HMRC staff will adopt Google's cloud-based productivity apps over Microsoft's Office 365 offering, joining 20,000 government employees who already use Google's Gmail service.

HMRC has since confirmed the move in a statement. A spokesperson said: "HMRC has an ambitious digital future planned. This contract will make it easier for staff to collaborate on internal documents, providing greater flexibility and efficiency while reducing costs.
"Following a successful pilot, we are planning to roll out Google collaboration tools to more people throughout HMRC later this year. We have carefully considered the protection of customer information and this remains our highest priority."

The Total Economic Impact Of Google Apps

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In November 2012, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to re-examine the total economic impact and expected return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by adopting Google Apps after having managed a traditional on- premise messaging and collaboration environment.
Google Apps is a cloud-based messaging, collaboration and storage platform, which includes mail, calendaring, text and video chat as well as web-based collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and slides.

The purpose of this study is to revisit a TEI case study completed for Google Apps in 2010 to adjust for any difference in financial impact over the past two years. This document should provide readers with a framework and analysis to evaluate the potential financial impact of switching from legacy email and productivity solutions to Google Apps.

To conduct this analysis, Forrester conducted a combination of in-depth executive interviews as well as two broader surveys targeted at both IT and end user groups. This approach allowed Forrester to understand the broad impact Google Apps is having on IT and end user organizations and to supplement this data with an understanding of the underlying drivers of moving to a cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform.

Holcim migriert 40'000 Mitarbeiter auf Google Apps

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Founded in Switzerland in 1912, Holcim has become one of the world's leading suppliers of cement and aggregates. The Group also supplies ready-mix concrete and asphalt, and provides related services. We have production sites in about 70 countries on every continent - we’re more spread out globally than any other building materials group. 

The roll-out of Google Apps to Holcim Group companies will start in the summer of 2013. Google Apps will enable better collaboration and drive innovation around the world. We are excited to embark on this cultural change that will allow our employees to bring the tools they know and use in their personal lives into the workplace on Google Apps. 

Roche migriert sämtliche 90'000 Mitarbeiter auf Google Apps

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For the last two and a half years, our two different email and calendaring platforms have often been an obstacle for effective collaboration. To end these platform interoperability issues, the Roche Corporate Executive Committee made the decision that all employees will move to Google Apps as the single common platform for the Roche Group.


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Paradigmenwechsel im IT Sourcing

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Vom 1st und 2nd Generation IT-Outsourcing zum Cloud Computing – Aktueller Praxisbericht. Ein Bericht der Navisco AG:

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